Just as with other countries, like France and Germany, I think we should monitor price rises in utility bills. Price changes should reflect the costs incurred for the companies. In other words, if they have incurred an increase in costs (for example through an increase in the price of oil per barrel) then costs for customers should increase, but at the same rate incurred by the company.

Likewise, if prices go down for the company, then prices should also go down for the customer, at the same rate.

These price increases and decreases for the customers should only include reasonable expenses….not company beanos, for example.

Why is this idea important?

Price rises in utlility bills are soaring. Utility companies are abusing the fact that this country does not impose restrictions…they are quick to increase prices (stating it's necessary, but then announcing 'record profits' soon after…I wonder why, surprise, surprise!?!) but not bring them back down again.

In other countries, this is not possible. Instead of increasing prices there, where they are unable to, they increase them here. This affects the poor families the most….the pensioners, students, young families…and only makes the rich people (particularly the bosses) in those companies richer – unjustly so!

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