I have already made this post in the business section under VAT but I feel that it deserves it's own place in the forum.

The MOT Test is deemed as a necessity and therefore not subject to VAT, why then should the repairs relating to an MOT failure be subject to VAT.

To ensure that cars are maintained on a regular basis by garages that have invested in qualified people and the correct equipment, VAT should be scrapped on repairs to cars owned by private individuals.

When a garage with overheads quote on a service or a repair it will naturally be more expensive than a "Fred in the shed" but then to add a further 17.5% soon to be 20% on top it makes it difficult to seal the deal.

If we want safe roads and a clean enviroment, make it more cost effective for the public to care for their car, this would help keep small garages to stay in businesss, the government can still have the VAT on the repairs to the commercial vehicle fleets.

Why is this idea important?

To provide support to small businesses and to encourage the public to use businesses that have invested in the right people and equipment

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