1) Remove the VCR Bill. It has absolutely no effect on reducing violent crime. Airsoft weapons, which fire balls of plastic, do not kill and never will. An air rifle, which is not covered under the VCR Bill, can do considerably more damage. Replica weapons only give the illusion of real firearms. It also takes some common sense, you don't go walking around a town centre flailing anything around. Airsoft weapons should be able to be bought by anyone over 18 for use on their own private property. This law is ludicrous, so please remove.

2) Self defense in the home should not carry any punishment or penalties. If someone feels they can brake into your home then you should be able to stop them without any fear of later prosecution, if a burglar is stupid enough to brake in then they should expect to be hit with the force of a tornado. If you can't feel safe at home, where can you feel safe?

Why is this idea important?

The first law is important because items which have been banned by it, have no effect on reducing violent crime. Airsoft weapons cannot be, in any way, made to fire real ammunition, and although they may 'Look' real. You could buy a lighter thtat looks like a gun that would be a lot cheaper.

The second law is important for one main reason;


Self defense has been turned upside with ridiculous laws. It's quite simple, if someone breaks in, you protect your family and yourself at all costs.


Thank you

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