Visas for language students from countries such as Russia and China are at present only issued to "accredited" language schools.This is because there were so many bogus language schools that were mere visa factories devised to let in otherwise illegal immirants to the UK;

The problem with "accreditation" is that it is orientated to the quality of the teaching not the genuineness of the school.Simple homestays offering conversation without formal lessons are barred and even homestays with lessons have to conform to a set pattern more or less dictated by the British Council that has nothing to do with whether visas should be issued or not;The whole system is at present geared to forcing laguage schools to conform to a near identical pattern and that conception is something that the new goverment is pledged to avoid in its search for enterprise and new initiatives in the business world.

I suggest that the present inspectors for visa purposes should content themselves with determining whether or not the language school or business was bogus or genuine!This would be a lot less costly and would allow less expensive programmes to be offered to genuine foreign students fron those countries needind visas for their citizens to enter the UK.

Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because many useful language schools and homestay organisations are being stifled in a drive for conformity instead of what should be a verification of bona fides !

The previous government introduced so many new regulations that many businesses already suffering under the financial crisis in the UK have collapsed thus adding to unemployment in the UK;The mania for uniformity instead of enterprise and initiative has gone far enough and should be reversed in all spheres of business activity.

Inspection of language schools and homestay organisations should be for verification purposes to ensure that languages are actually taught whether by formal lessons or simple conversation. Instead we have the imposition of a vast box ticking exercise that may well ensure the highest standards of quality teaching but have nothing to do with determining whether  the students who enrol are really interested only in the visa if their visit really is for the purpose of  learning the English language. 

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