Why is it neccessary to charge VAT on vet bills, I have just had another one of my ponies laid to rest, and on the bill it states euthinasia plus VAT, if I was to add up all the VAT that I have paid over the years, for horses dogs cats etc it would come to thousands, some people can hardly afford to take thier pets to a vet so we are seeing more and more abandoned and left to suffer, a reduction in the cost of the actual bill would be good, I know there are places out there where you can get your pet seen to for free but that is only if you are on benefits so if you are in a low paid job there is no extra cash, to most people thier pets are part of thier family so to try and rehome them would be heart breaking, come on stop VAT on poor defensless animals.

Why is this idea important?

Perhaps stopping this VAT charge and perhaps to lower vet bills we will see more and more animals treated at a vets instead of a do it yourself which people may try and less abused abandoned animals. Some people may think that a paracetamol tablet is good for your pet but in fact it does more harm.

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  2. I don’t mind the vet bill,it’s the fact the government want to screw you for the fact you have a sick animal by adding vat to the bill!

  3. vet bills are already unaffordable to the average person. let alone the 20% VAT even people with average income today struggle to make ends meet let alone forking out £100 – 300 for a pet injury., as vets love to recommend X-ray at £200 a shot.

    My cat had a small injury of a tiny paw would in a fight. after a few days it got infected, and the paw swelled up the lower foot. The pain was obviously quite severe and she would snap with anger whenever the paw was touched. She even cried as she had to force herself to lick it hoping soothe the pain.

    I am retired and not working, and there is no spare money available other than pension to keep us going. I am not on benefit. I have spoken to the VET on the phone and no financial help is available.. So my poor cat has to suffer. for how long I dont know.

    Very strange country purporting to put animal welfare high on the list

    And Yes HMRC is helping to murder the pets and animals , generally.

    1. Ask your vet about payment plan so you pay it off monthly? Make them feel bad about how much your cat is suffering or if that fails get the operation done then announce you can’t pay it! That’s what I did when my dog needed two small tumours removed from her head and leg it cost 1284!!!

  4. I have seeing my vet with my Scottie, he has an enlarged liver. They seem to think it’s the onset of Cushing disease, the blood test is done in-house and can check for everything in one go but I have been charged separately for each test. I am disgusted it is no wonder people are dumping dogs and cats on the road side, they probably realise the vet is going to charge the earth and rip them off. They also give you a price and then add the vat so it’s 20% more when you come to pay. Over the last couple of days I have spent nearly £600 and they are still faffing around.

    1. When are we going to stand up to these vet pirates. If enough of us raised a petition against unregulated vet bills the government would have to take note.
      I’m known as the dog lady for my love of dogs. But I have been forced to deny myself and possible future dogs a loving home because of extortionate bills. How can that be right. Held to ransome because of our love of our pets. Who wins? The animals don’t. We don’t and in the end the vets won’t.

  5. We agreed to foster a 16yr old dog in lockdown. He is now showing signs of old age with visits to vets. As bills build up the extra 20% VAT is anther kick in teeth from this government that continues to spend billions on pandemic providing money to people sitting on backsides at home.
    A foreign holiday is not essential but animal health is.
    Even wormers and flea treatments are charged at 20% VAT and can only be ordered from a vet.
    With majority of vets now being taken over by foreign companies, with increase in charges and no sympathy to owners financial standing, the Chancellor could at least consider removing VAT from animal welfare.

  6. i cant see why there is vat on a sick animal its disgusting making money out of this we suppose to be a nation of animal lovers i dont think so no wonder they are abandoned and dumped not everyone can afford to pay the extorchinete money also for pet insurance you have to pay the first one hundred and twenty pounds before they will issue any money to crazy clauses in small writting its heartbreaking pure greed; what does the goverment do with this money i wonder

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