Remove the all empowering legislation that allows citizens be controlled by another and forced into acceptance theory based medications. 



Why is this idea important?

Important for reason that present system makes mistakes, life changing and life threatening errors happen.

No one has ever died from a "mental illness" no one has ever found a psychiatric mental illness. Psychiatric mental disease has never stopped a heart, nor given blindness, never stopped anyone from breathing, yet when psychiatric treatments are given they too often end in the loss of life or a severe disability. These serious side effects then treated with more drugs, drugs for parkinson's one example this for  brain damage inflicted from these theory based medications. 

Humane treatments do exist, allow the one degree of sanity to flourish, routes ignored by medical exist for we are human beings not clinical beings. Allow the right of refusal and force choice upon those who only want chemical beings of only mask the actual issues.

Psychiatric treatments never cure, only mask and for what reason do we allow the continued ignorance when grows ever larger a society of damaged citizens.   

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