They CJS was originally designed around the alleged offender. The CJS needs to be overhauled to place the victim at the centre of the process. Only recently have victims had statutory rights under the Code of Practice for Victims however it is questionable as to who acutally montiors this. I have worked within the CJS for 8 years. Although there have been slight improvements, I can personally only remember a handful of victims who have had a postive experience. 

The alleged offenders rights seem to always be given priority over the victims rights. I understand that people are treated as 'innocent until proven gulity' however the correct balance needs to be struck. Victims are constantly left feeling bewidered and shocked by a system that seems to put them last. Their views and opinions are almost always ignored or insignificant to the process. The view of the current CJS is that victims are no longer seen as victims, they are now seen as witnesses to a crime that has been committed against the Crown. Try explaining that to a victim of crime attending court!  

Alleged and convicted offenders have multiple government funded agencies supporting them thorugh the CJS. Who do victims of crime have? A National Charity called Victim Support which is only 75% funded by the government. There is 'end-to-end' offender management. What about 'end-to-end' victim support?

Why is this idea important?

Millions of people are affect by crime every year, whether this crime is reported or unreported.

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