Reveiw the law and allow some form of discipline to be given by parents, and affirm any form of abuse WILL be dealt with by a court prosecution.Relax the rules for parents a little.

Any child whoose parents have proven to try to discipline their child is sent to boot camp ready for the army if they are unwilling to change.If it is proven parents refused to discipline their child, benefits stop,housing is stopped, parents are prosecuted.

Why is this idea important?

children are now turning round at the age of 3 onwards telling parents you can't smack me else the police will come and arrest you, teens running riot at all hours of the night.An asbo dosent do a thing it's worn with pride that they are rebellious and unruly and a menace to soceity.

Violent crimes are commited by these children due to the fact they have no discipline at all, this needs to be stopped, the children who were supposed to be protected are not violent crimes to children has risen due to the fact abusers become slyer and hide their abuse more, allow social services to see a child they suspect are being harmed and force entry to a house not have them seen on the doorstep as in recent reports in the media or refusal to see them being allowed.Allow social services to do their job properly not add more paperwork and cut visiting times.

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