Repeal the laws on buying Realistic Imitation Firearms.

The Violent Crime Reduction Act was yet again another knee-jerk reaction law brought in basically beause the previous government knew how to tackle gun crime amongst youths but are too afraid to admit it (yes, dishing out much harsher sentences for committing crimes involving guns/imitation guns). Instead they did what they always do. Bring in rushed legislation to make it look as though they are doing something about the problem. They thought that by curbing the sale and import of replica firearms, they would cut gun related crime. They can never seem ot realise that whatever laws they bring in, people intent on owning a gun, be it real or imitation, will get hold of one. Instead, they have just made it more difficult for non-criminal airsoft players to get hold of the tools with which they play their game.

I agree that if you don’t play airsoft, then you have no real need to buy one. But the law is so complicated at the monent for players that it needs to be addressed so that they can go into a registered RIF dealer/airsoft supplies shop and buy a new gun. This should be coupled with full details including the serial number of the gun, full details of the buyer, and details of their most regular site for playing airsoft.

Bottom line is, that the VCRA has not stopped imitation firearms getting into circulation, and no amount of legislation will.

The knee-jerk laws brought in after Dunblaine failed to cut gun crime and failed to stop any further such horrific incidents. Even an outright ban on firearms would not stop maniacal killing sprees as we have seen recently in Cumbria.

Why is this idea important?

Airsoft is an entertainment industry that is growing at a massive rate in the UK, and is becoming more popular than paintball. This country needs industry, and if airsoft sites and shops springing up all over the place can help generate local revenue, then that can only be a good thing. This government wants to help support small businesses. They can start by letting an increasingly popular entertainment industry grow without the hindrance of pointless, ineffective and impotent laws surrounding realistic imitation firearms.

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  1. the vcra bill is a nonsensical act throttling a potentially big entertainment market. it is ridiculous to say the least

  2. Airsoft isn’t just about skirmishing you know… I don’t understand why skirmishers think airsoft is exclusively limited to skirmishing and that no one else should get a look in. That attitude is selfish and bloody minded, not to mention ignorant. And by the way Airsoft is NOT a sport people, it is a HOBBY!

    As a dedicated collector, airsoft gun enthusiast/gunsmith and casual target shooter I have no interest what-so-ever in skirmishing and getting my thousands of pounds worth of airsoft kit ruined and chock-full of mud. I still, however, should have the right to legally purchase RIFs as airsoft is my hobby also. For me the attraction of airsoft in the first place was that you could own a realistic replica of your favourite gun, it would work similarly to a real gun but was totally legal because it was nothing more than a high-tech toy! That is the whole frigging point! It WAS legal, until the fascist labour government got involved and outlawed it for no logical reason. As far as I can tell, the VCRA was really about control and stripping away more of the rights of the people. The criminals will break the law regardless, hence them being criminals! Duh!

    I consider myself more than responsible enough to own and buy RIFs, more so than many pig-headed immature skirmishers anyway. In fact I probably own more RIFs, I mean high-end high-quality RIFs, than most skirmisher do. Almost all of my guns are fully upgraded, both externally and internally. I have lost count of how many RIFs I own. Yet under the VCRA, I am deemed a criminal if I wish to continue my hobby the way it is meant to be enjoyed. I shouldn’t have to have an exemption under the law to buy RIFs the same way toy/model car owners shouldn’t need to ensure and tax a toy/model car!

    This fascist crap makes me sick! If I had the money I would move to America, land of the FREE indeed.

    Freedom, you understand that word don’t you Government? It would not seem so…

  3. Hi A REAL Airsofter

    actually in many parts of the qorld airsoft has become a sport in it own right, airsoft currently in australoa is banned and were unable to import or obtian airsoft even with a firearms license, never mistake democracy for freedom, they should pass a law to jail politicans and legislators, who make legislation to win votes, lie, play on poeples fear and ineffective legislation. Another thing bad things happen because good poeple do nothing.

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