When I am abroad and someone asks me where I am from I say either the UK or England. If more is needed I say "London". The notion of saying "The Borough of Enfield" never crosses my mind.

This translates directly into my Political views. My opinions on Foreign Affairs, tax, the law of the land, etc are very much more important to me than roadworks and if the Gym stays open late.  

We not only live in an age where county and borough identity has all but gone, but one in which people can access more information on Politics and Politicians faster and better than at any time in history.

I would propose that local leaders are voted for in local elections and on Election day everyone, regardless of geographical area is asked to vote for whichever individual Politician they feel best represents their views.

Anyone getting more than 0.5% of the national vote would then become an MP, with a relative Parliamentary vote weighted by how many people voted for them.

The three with the most votes would then go through to the next round and then the top 2 to the final round (this would avoid a majority left or right vote ultimately being split). The final winner would then be Prime Minister.

The net result would be less than 200 extremely high calibre individuals with loyalty only to the people who voted for them and responsibilty solely for national decisions.

The added bonus would be that their pay could be based on £1 per person who voted for them per year; more than enough to negate the need for expenses. There would also be no need for a second home; they could live in the Westminster offices vacated by the outgoing lot.

Why is this idea important?

It would massively reduce the cost of Government.

It would give every voter direct and demonstrable representation at a national level.

It would give us all a choice of hundreds of candidates rather than 2 or 3.

It would hugely re-invigorate voter interest.

It would free up Ministers to concentrate on the big decisions of Government rather than reading letters about how someone felt they were treated by a Traffic Warden.

It would effectively abolish parties and therefore all the politics that goes with it; allowing every Minister to concentrate solely on the matter at hand rather than who told them to vote for what.

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