Before a referendom on voting reform can we have some radical new ideas for a truly democratic system. There is no way would I put my cross alongside some of the existing lying, cheating, clueless, arrogant, greedy, and generally corrupt politicians for a first choice, let alone second choice.    So I am deprived of a voice.

Existing politicians must be shown the full contempt that I believe much of the British Public hold for them. Too often they read into election results totally preposterous personal interpretations of peoples intentions.

The internet is available to most people, at home, colleges, workplaces, libraries etc. I would propose that "government by the people" could, by using that technology, become a reality.

I can see a time when the voters are advised the time of any particular debate. If they wish to take part they can log in and submit there ideas.   Independent adjudicators could sift these ideas into some order of relevence and content and introduce the ideas for discussion.    After the debate parliament makes a recommendation and the electorate can vote yes or no.

I'm no brain surgeon but it seems easy enough to me.

In no time at all we could be rid of the EU, Elf an Safety, Out of Border Conflicts, Road Tax, murderers and a million other unwanted gems. And maybe,   just maybe,    we could be rid of the  prementioned politicians and replace them with honest administrators working 5 days weekly 9-5 for a realistic salary.

I suspect the real brains out there could work out an even better way to bring democracy back to the people.  I'm all ears….


Why is this idea important?

It is important because I believe we are getting really close to "The Revolution" and the politicians can't see it coming.

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