Reg 8 Sched 3, SI2006, 373

Exempt "socially interactive groups" from requirement for washbasins in each bedroom of HMOs.  The ridiculous situation now is that a 4 bedroom house requires only 1 washbasin in the whole house.  A 6 bedroom house requires 8, including 1 in each bedroom.  How can that be justified?

Although the government has now watered that down to "if practicable" that leaves us at the mercy of local authority personnel, who are not always the most practical  or experienced of people.  Fortunately, Bristol City Council is not at present pursuing us for this but other landlords may not be so lucky.

It is not up to government to decide on the level of amenity provided except perhaps for truly vulnerable people.  This should be left to market forces. 


Why is this idea important?

Because the blanket regulation beloved of labour stifles creativity, makes it difficutt to run a business sensibly or profitably, and resutts in unnecessary expenditure and in the case of washbasins in every room a lot of damage actual and potential to the fabric of a property.

Blanket regulation is unintelligent and it has made us into a nation of inspectors.  Unfortunately, it also means that problems cannot be tackled due to shortage of personnel to cope with a whole nation of potential problems.

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