The waste carriers license is a tax imposed on every single tradesmen, builder and gardener etc or anyone else who simply works and ends up producing "waste" such as packaging or surplus materials.

This has been implemented by the Environment agency to quote   "to cover the cost of clearing up after fly tippers."

Why is this idea important?

the cost of this will only get passed on to the public as part of a companies running expenses. It has been implemented because councills and the Environment agency  are totally incompetant at the job they are paid for. Which is of little suprise as both bodies are self apointed and take public money whether they perform or not…….as usual.

Anybody who works at someones house, or business premises like a plasterer, kitchen fitter, builder, gardener etc  completes a job and ends up taking  away 'packaging' of any sort, or 'off cuts' or any type of rubbish that will end up at the tip or in a skip  has to pay for a license to carry it.

The EA claim it is to stop fly tipping, but the reality is you can have a license AND fly tip at the exact same time. You can actually hold it in one hand and fly tip with the other!!!

I have put this point to no less than four EA staff now and all of them said "well thats true"


By implementing this stealth tax they are admitting they cant do their job properly so make us the general public pay even more, on top of us paying their salaries, to cover the cost of their incompetance.

If anything this TAX will cause more fly tipping as people will be reluctant to pay both a licence and then pay again for skips etc.

As a plasterer I dont fly tip, I dont carry nuclear waste, explosives or live body parts around the country, I just want to do my job and pay my mortgage without being taxed to death because of other peoples failures.

Please repeal this nonsense law and make those responsible actually do their jobs instead of passing the buck/cost to the innocent public.

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