Im one of those disabled people, spina bifida, and use wheelchair permanently, cant walk at all so i think i know what im talking about on this subject

1) DONT take their DLA, it is NOT an out of work benefit and in most cases is the thing that allows them to WORK, if they lost it, and i include myself in this, they could not work and would be stuck on benefits.

2) set up some kind of workplace adaptations scheme, where products that allow a disabled person to work better would be readily available, and also attach to this a research group that looks into products that would allow a disabled person to work and live a life, I would gladly be a part of this as working in disability/ability/access product development is something im interested in working in Anyway. There are so many jobs a disabled person could do but arent possible because the technology just isnt there, or no one has bothered to look for it, there is a company i know of in Yorkshire that adapts pretty much anything with an engine to enable a disabled person to use it, ive seen an adapted Lorry, JCB digger, and several other things on their website not sure if company advertising is allowed here but,

If more things like this were widely known about, and this kind of thing was taken up by the government in the way ive mentioned, it would open up more options for disabled people, yes it would cost money but in the long run would pay for itself.

3) One of the biggest, if not the biggest, barriers to disabled people finding work is a doubt that they could do the job anyway, from both the disabled person themselves and prospective employees, so i propose a scheme where when a disabled person applies for a job they are given a trial run in the job, say a month, paid for by the state, so that it doesnt cost the employer, particularly if  if things for whatever reason dont work out in having to re advertise the job.   This kind of scheme would allow both parties to see what the disabled person could or could not do and work out any kinks so to speak, and would, im sure, result in both parties looking at  disability differently. Much better than one or both parties just flat out saying oh i'm/youre in a wheelchair, i/you cant do that. that is the attitude that stops disabled people working.

I realise that these things cost money, but, as i said, in the long run they would pay for themselves by allowing more disabled people to work and gain the confidence to realise they can work, And also show employers and other able bodied individuals that disabled people are not incapable given some support through DLA and in work adaptations

Why is this idea important?

Many people such as myself with disabilities (or different abilities as i like to refer to it) want to work, but find barriers to that work in attitudes, of both ourselves and employers, and barriers in the workplace because the technology/access  just isnt there to help us do the job.

Set up these schemes and it WILL result in more disabled people being accepted into the workplace.

got to say i dont know if ive explained myself too well here, im not very good at being clear, but hopefully you understand the kind of things im getting at

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