We all know there are some things that a large majority  of the public wants but our allegedly democratic politicians won't give us. Example capital punishment.  We need to return our country to democracy. The only sure way of doing this is by legally binding reforendums, Then we can get what WE want, not what some half-baked ivory-tower , never-worked-in -the-real-world politician wants.

Why is this idea important?

In Switzerland, a reforendum must be called on any subject  if 60,000 signatures can be obtained in support of having a reforendum. The outcome of the reforendum is binding and must be made into law.  I think this an ideal system.

Switzerland is a well governed and wealthy society in spite of having few natural resources. They don't get into fooloish wars either, a reforendum could stop one.

We, the poblic, have proved time and again that our collective wisdom is far ahead of our clown politicians.

I am sickened by the "Euro-reforendums " of ask the question over and over 'til you get the answer you want.

As we now know for certain, our politicians are corrupt, lying and inept. I see this as the only way we can return our country to democracy and sanity.

I expect there will be a lot of support for this idea but will out politicians be willing to surrender power?  Hah!

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