well we think we should smoke if we like after all you the government  make tax from it we feel that cigarettes are to dear lower the price and we feel it isnt fair hey we work we want to smoke and if people dont like it they should go some where other than where we are smoking we feel it isnt right for a government to take so much tax on what we like do to 20 cigarettes should be about £2.00 for twenty all so why cant we buy are cigarettes on line from the eu after all this again isnt fair why do we always have to pay for everything thats nice for us we want to buy on line are cigarettes with out hms customs telling us we cant come on give us some fairness we want to be our selfs lower the price in the uk did you know you cant buy cigarettes on line in the uk as there is no body who sells them what can you do to change that david cameron says a lot of things but will he do as he says we wonder derek // julie

Why is this idea important?

we want to be free we want our country to be great again not pulled down by a load of  garbage that tony stupid balir says we want the right to live our own lives be able to go on holiday and drive with out the police stopping you for nothing we want to be able to go to a caravan site and smoke in the caravan and go for a meal and have a smoke with out going out side we want to get married with out being punished for it i want to work with out housing benefit stopping our payments if we are on a low income they have punished us for trying to work we cant work as they seem to think its wrong what is david cameron going to do about these bullies we need to be free we are fed up of being told what we cant do we want our lives back and we cant wait julie/derek

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