Market traders and small shopkeepers rightly baulk at having to buy expensive scales. With Tory MP support in the past, many have declared they want to stop selling fruit and veg by weight altogether. Why not sell by the bowlful if consumers see the size of the bowl? I am told by trading standards that apples can be sold by number, carrots by the bunch but not by number, and grapes only by weight, not by the bunch or bowlful. What madness! And all time Starbucks and other places like that can see a regular, large, small, venti coffee without even saying how many mililitres are in it.

My suggestion- bring weights and measures in line with health and safety. if a business has less than 4 employees, it doesn'd need to comply with weights and measures AT ALL, except for the sale of alcohol.  This could also apply to turnover instead of employees- maybe if a business does not have to register for VAT, it doesn't have to use government approved scales or sell by weight.

Why is this idea important?

Removes burdens on business.

Keeps markets competitive.

Reduces need for so many trading standards officials.

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