To help encourage people back ito work, or into work for the first time give them the following financial incentives:

  • 1st Month back at work 100% of their benefits
  • 2-3 Months back at work 50% of their benefits
  • 4-6 months back at work 25% of their benefits
  • 7-12 months back at work 10% of their benefits

Going back to work can be difficult with childcare, travel, etc…This would support and encourage people. If you slowly remove their dependancy on benefits it should be less likely they will return to the support of the welfare state.

Why is this idea important?

Going back to work can be difficult for single mothers, individuals form sink estates but also professionals who may be embarassed about being unemployed. What this proposal does is help support people back into work, not with appointments with civil servants discussing how things are going, but with the support most people want and need – financial. If you can make your bills balance a the end of the month most people are happy.

It may not work for everyone but if does help tackle record levels of unemployment then great.

As to cost. We would be paying more benefit to these people if they remained out of work than across a 12 month support period. In addition these people would be paying income tax, NI and perhaps purchasing more so contributing to economic recover and its sustainability.

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