Letter I sent to the former PM:

Prime Minister

Gordon Brown

10 Downing Street


Dear Mr. Brown,

Please advise if there are an help to Individual Inventors to get their ideas to market.

I have numerous communication and correspondence with various Government and Public bodies:

BERR, NESTA, Trevor Baylis Brands, UoPEL (University of Plymouth Enterprise Ltd, Business Link via RDA, etc, but not much help to Individual Inventors who do not have the funds to enable and protect their idea.

Is Nesta a public body? (Act of Parliament in July 1998) – they do not deal with penniless Individual Inventors, only multi-national companies.

The correspondence with BERR is unfruitful, advising to links that they have co-written with the Business Link, which links to the RDA. The RDA seem to be more helpful, at present, I am awaiting for their reply for funding/help/grants etc.

Innovation would increase the country's GDP, create job(s) and wealth creation, which the government can tax.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Chung


Why is this idea important?

Ideas can come from anyone in any way of life.

Design discontent generates inventions and innovation and potential wealth creation.

NESTA was originally set up by government to "help inventors", now their ethos is no help what-so-ever, even though it was set up by the Act of Parliament in July 1998.

What happened to NESTA???

Why is this type of body badly required:

All governments past and present just shift money or lack of money about.

Real money and wealth are from selling real "goods", not  virtual services.

Example: Denmark's Oil Wealth money generated are kept in Denmark, wheras the Thatcher government sold off the country to the extent that all traditional jobs were gone and benefitted the fat cats and shareholders with no liability to the public.

Also, governments in Denmark and Sweden encouraged the wind turbines developers by allocating land etc. and through incremental design and development, "they" are the market leaders in wind turbine technology. (real ideas and products that are traded globally – increasing "their" country's GDP)

Are we the UK, becoming the shop-front for the global economy: "Nation of shopkeeprs"? brought with borrowed money?

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