My proposal is to discontinue the use of the term "In the public interest".

Why is this idea important?

This term is used far too often by those in public office and within the Civil Service upper echelons to justify taking action or charging suspected wrong-doers. it is a term that appears from nowhere to solve perceived problems that might embarass politicians and officials within the establishment. It can be fitted in to explain the otherwise inexplicable. It is vague, meaningless; without rigour of logic or evidence and it cannot be challenged.

So statements off the top of a civil servant's head or out of the mouthof a politician must be questioned if they have the power to suspend belief, avoid proper actions in criminal and other cases and seek to avoid justice in the courts and in the open.

Such a term has no further place in any part of our national life and it should be proscribed as corrupting and leading to general cynicism and disconent.

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