This is a call for a review basically.


One of the biggest problems I have found with Legal Aid is how it leaves you having to do everything yourself.  15 minutes with a lawyer and that's about it.  The Citizens Advice Bureas are also not up to scratch either.  Due to a massive lack of resources.

Legal Aid is vital to every citizen, yet the poor reliably get dumped to the bottom.  Even though the poor are often caught in the most violent and lawless places.

The idea is to make sure everyone gets Legal Aid.  By re-enforcing the existing system.  So that's review, revoke where required, and add some new bits.

Why is this idea important?

The failure in the existing system is how Private Firms carry most of the burden of Legal Aid.  And they have bills to pay.

As Legal Aid cases pay less than Private cases the firms can only take on so much Legal Aid, or their profits will be down.  So if there is a surge of dodgy practice in teh area hurting the poor many won't be able to get protection.  As there won't be enough 'Legal Aid slots' to cover it.

There is a very noticable shortage of this in mental health support as well.  You might as well be dead.  And that is on top of the stance many have that we are 'crazy, so can be ignored'.  This shortage is in Arbitration Services, as well as in Legal Aid for Housing etc etc.  It's nigh on impossible to get anything done, as without a lawyer you'll be ignored.

And taking people to court costs as well.  You're a second class citizen in a civilised patch of the woods.  But if the bad-guys come out to play you'll just get clobbered.  No access to legal anything, full Apartheid stuff.

I have not been able to get any legal defence for 7 years.  Due to a mis-diagnosis of all things as well.  I'm crazy, so can be ignored.  And seeing as I have no lawyer I must be crazy.   Or I'd have one.


The complaints system is clearly geared to that people give up and end up rotting.  No law enforcement means it's open season for the gangsters.

I refer you to that massive Benefits Bill, and how many people are just not getting better.  Now add to that the chav hordes we now have on top of the usual selection of bad-guys and…

Speaking personally it's been agony.  I've been robbed blind left right and centre, and no-one would listen to me.  It's 3 years into the NHS Complaint re this mis-diagnosis and I'm still being advised that it is best to forget about it.

Well, bumped from pillar to post with no straight answer.  Which wil obviously make you give up in teh end.  And teh bad dr's and dodgy managers get to carry on wasting fortunes and harming people.

As you were too poor ( and in some cases injured ) to be able to defend yourself.


I'll also add how sometimes Legal Aid is just a 15 minute chat in the office, with no assistance or representation in Tribunal, and…   It's the stuff of the 19th C.  And last I heard we lived in the 21st C.  We need more Legal Aid, and a way for govt to make sure people are supported properly when registered disabled. 

JSA is tough, so you might have to wait to sue the neighbors for libel etc etc.  But the Disabled need this safety net, and it is nigh on impossible to get it put in place.

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