Where Councils are recycling, return profits via community charge (chip in bin for example).  One Council is giving homeowners who recycle vouchers for local stores.

Float Councils recycling plants on the stock exchange

Why is this idea important?

Recent blue sky thinking re chip in bin means that Councils are now seeing the potential for recycling as a cash cow industry.  This should turn a profit as they get the raw material for free from punters and sorted into appropriate bins.  An incentive should be to return profit to punters via their community charge and it is possible to do this per street where lorries are weighing the raw material as they know how much a street is worth.

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  1. If money is being made,which i assume it is, on re-cycling,why are council tax charges not reflecting this.I spend my time cleaning and bagging items before putting out for collection,and i think this should be rewarded by a reduction,not a yearly increase.

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