It is time HMRC was made accountable. I wrote to Eric Pickles a while ago suggesting that, as well as caps on bonuses there should be mandatory penalties for not meeting basic job requirements, at least in the public sector. On that basis I suspect that HMRC is not fit for purpose and should be put into liquidation.

In the tax year 2008/2009 I had 18 PAYE Tax Coding Notices covering pension income from three sources. When, along the way, they eventually got it right,butthat did not stop them changing it so it was wrong again. I pay for telephone calls above my standing agreement unless Icall 01, 02 and 03 numbers. So, instead of using an 0845 I found one that avoided that but they objected in spite of the need to speak to them always being them getting it wrong. They eventually paid me £70 in compensation. However, the taxpayers pays for all this. If people are unemployable instead of putting them in public sector jobs and giving them handsome pensions at the tax payers' expense get them sweeping roads, clearing up litter or something else appropriate to their intellect.

Why is this idea important?


People who work in the public sector need to be accountable.

The taxpayer should not have to pay for their incompetence.

They should not get generous pensions.

There should be statutory financial penalties for not meeting basic job responsibilitiesthat they pay out out salaries, not fines that the taxpayer is ultimately liable for. 

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