Being a member of the European Union costs this country a substantial amount of money reported at an estimated 40 million pounds per day, our laws and budget policies are scrutinised by Europeans, we have no control over immigration within the EU – we are expected to open our doors to anybody, we are stuck with an outdated and unfair human rights act and finally we allow convicted criminals to appeal their sentences at the European court of justice.

My idea is to stop this madness and leave now before we completely lose sovereignty and turn into a bureaucratic arm of a larger and more malignant body of German and French bureaucrats.

Why is this idea important?

We need to retain our sovereignty and have control over our own destinies. The human rights act as it stands is totally loaded in favour of criminals and illegal immigrants and needs to be re-written and become more applicable to Britain in 2010, something that the EU will not allow us to do. I don't believe we will lose our power of trade as we traded with European companies successfully long before we joined this insane society.

It is about time politicians realised that wanting to keep Britain British is not racist. more a matter of self-preservation.

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