If you speak to the latest ill informed anti-cannabis activist they will probably tell you that cannabis is evil and a detriment to society (while they nurse their alcoholic beverage and puff on their cigarettes), however they’ll never have any reason or any evidence to agree with their ignorant views, all they know is they hate it and never want to see it legalised. The scientific evidence is all their for people to see, medicinally their is no known substance that offers a greater range of health benefits than cannabis. Hemp can be used as food, paper, it creates the strongest most durable natural fibre around. It can be made into bio fuel from a clean everlasting supply not only that but the plant itself gives of huge amounts of oxygen effectively countering its use as a fuel. Not only these most positive of benefits, cannabis is one of the more pleasant recreational drugs. No matter how much you inhale/eat you will not lose control of basic bodily functions, you will not go home and beat your wife, you will not get behind the wheel of a car and take an innocent life because you selfishly believed you were ok to drive. The aftermath of consuming cannabis is only peace and happiness. So why are the most dangerous drugs the legal ones? Why are we encouraging people to consume alcohol instead of cannabis? We have a shameful binge drinking culture in this country and I’m ashamed to be a part of it. The tobacco smoker is the very definition of a drug addict (yet they’ll fail to see it that way) completely dependant on a drug which has absolutely 0 benefits and negatives that we could go on listing all day. Yet they’ll look down on illegal drug users without a clue of the reality of their situation. I can appreciate that some forms of cannabis are stronger than others (such as hash, not this ridiculous notion that skunk is strongest) but we have a range of different strengths of alcohol or tobacco (which a we can abuse till it kills us) the answer to this is to educate people of this instead of demonising something as natural as a plant. There isn’t a law as immoral as the illegalisation of cannabis. But don’t take my word for it, there is a plethora of evidence that proves cannabis is one of the safest recreational drugs.

Why is this idea important?

Every alcoholic (as well as society) would benefit if they switched their habit to cannabis as well as every tobacco smoker. Legalise and tax cannabis then the recession would be over in a couple of months. It is also important in its medicinal effects as a natural safer alternative to strong prescription drugs. It is immoral and hypocritical to on the one hand push tobacco and alcohol (the most dangerous drugs available) but on the other hand make cannabis and hashish illegal. It doesn’t make sense.

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