The War on Drugs is a phoney war ….

Legalisation of  drugs, is contrary to the interests of those who are employed on the side of  Law and Order…  Police, Customs, Drug Enforcement agencies, Embassy officials .. lawyers, barristers, Judges, court officials,prison service, social workers … Forensic accountants …Administrators ..  millions are employed around the world, fighting a war, initiated principally, as most wars are, by the USA…. and most are on the payroll of the State and  paid handsome salaries with commensurate pensions …  Its a BIG  INTERNATIONAL  STATE BUSINESS and there is no advantage for the WAR on drugs to be won ….  a continuing war, guarantees employment by the State, and in reality, the State is waging war against a huge minority of its citizens and on a global basis, co operating with counterparts in other countries… to criminalise citizens in other jurisdictions.

cannabis,   can grow  almost anywhere, so obviously citizens will grow their own, and the governments would have no way of taxing home grown. The State can only profit from cannabis, by criminalising those who smoke it and it is in the interests of many in  public sector employment, and private sector procurement, to campaign against legalisation of cannabis to protect their jobs and revenues

Legalisation and taxation, would generate significant tax revenues for Governments ,…. but of course, that is not of benefit to those aforementioned.












Why is this idea important?


It is one step forward to dismantling the growth industry of  Big Brother State.

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