There are two issues here. The NHS wastes so much of the money it invests because managers and consultants (buisness one's) don't have the relevant backgrounds to understand the 'ethos' of the NHS, they look purely at management styles and techniques inherited from the buisness sector.. Often contracts are agreed that tie the NHS to over inflated contractors who know the NHS 'must' have it, so they inflate the price. I have seen so much wasted investment over the 27yrs I have worked in the NHS in varying fields.

A suggestion I would make is to free up the ability of the ward managers to shop around for goods and services like we can all do. The current system which punishes an underspend at the end of the year is mindless and gives no incentivefor saving or being cost aware i.e Spend anything not spent or it will be deducted from next years money (because it will be seen that you mustn't have needed it to have saved it) is punishing good budgeting.. Allow any savings made to be added to the next years budget, so there's an incentive for the staff to be cost effective. If ward managers where allowed to shop around instead of being tied to NHS logistics etc who inflate costs because the NHS need it is wasteful. An example being.. I ordered a vaccination fridge from our suppliers (cost £600).. the same fridge I could have bought for £200.. 3 x the cost because I wasn't allowed to buy myself.. this is just a tiny example of the waste.. Printing/paper costs are wasteful due to having to scrap all the stock paper because we have to include someone elses logo on the paper, which isn't on the originals.. tons and tons of paper that is of no use.. surely, this corporate driven waste can be managed in another way?

I'm not going to go on because I doubt anything will happen as a result of this.. If you need or want to here more of my ideas then you have my details and I would be delighted to assist if I could.




Joe Muller

Why is this idea important?

It's importan because the NHS HAS been heavily invested in but as the saying goes.. "A fool and their money soon part company".. who is spending the money and how are those decisions made? The NHS is a jewel in the British crown and was envied by the world.. Today, it is over managed and politically kicked about with staff moral down, sickness up and money wasted.. the waste is unecessary.. Give the NHS back to the staff who make work in it, not managers who's background is in supermarkets and industry!!

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