I live in a small town on the coast of Somerset, however the local council has done something incredibly stupid lately. They have banned the public from using the footbridge, which crosses the railway line, in order to get to the main part of the town. They have stated it is unsafe, although nothing has been done to sort out this issue or to remedy this situtaion.

Now the latest twist is they have installed two rather heavy metal gates over the only other way to cross the railway line,  but they have removed the lights which were signals to indicate when trains were coming and have replaced them with a foolish sign instead. These gates only open outwards, so disabled, elderly and even people with pushchairs need to wait for able bodied people to physically open them. Then they are very heavy and make a loud noise, when they are shut, which disturbs the locals who live nearby. Also if one is deaf or hard of hearing, then they used to rely on those lights to tell them when the trains were due, now there is no way of knowing, if a train is coming. It is an accident waiting to happen and it is very, very ridiculous and dangerous.

Why is this idea important?

It is to ensure the safety of the general public of this small touristic town. It is also to try to prevent people from driving down to the main part of the town as access is now limited. It is to try to get the local council to see why this idea is foolish and needs revising. Please help! The town is Watchet in Somerset.

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