DAB is more inefficient in terms of the power required to power the radio

DAB does not have full coverage of the country

DAB is not currently standard kit within the vast majority of cars


Why are you insisting on fixing something that isn't broken? Keep FM and can DAB, which is an inferior digital product that I can't get, so I will just lose my radio signals in 2015.


Bloody ridiculous…haven't you got better things to be doing rather than forcing peiople to spend unecessary hundreds of pounds on radios?

Why is this idea important?

Because you should be tackling the imnportnat things that are BROKEN, such as the economy and the NHS and the military.

Leave FM alone and let DAB die the death it deserves. If it was a better service, we would already be using, as it is the poor coverage and huge extra power requirements make it a poor relation to our already marvellous radio service.

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