It is time that government had the courage to accept that the internal market in the NHS has been an inefficient, expensive and, above all, inhumane failure. This is a sacred cow that has made a lot of people very rich, but cost the public a ridiculous amount. I have been a GP for more than 20 years in very deprived areas. There is an assumption in management circles that computer generated data is more infallible than the pope, but each time my practice has been presented with data on prescribing or referral activity and asked to explain our shortcomings, we have found that the data is flawed. The idea of continuing with this sort of flawed data tools is a nonsense.

It is essential that we move to system where provision of health care does not depend on who can provide most activity numbers at the lowest cost. Instead, we need to have a clear and transparent health needs assesment in each region and then employ directly the professionals needed to meet  If we do not do that, we are letting down the people of our nation. Now, after 20 years of the internal market, elderly people are rightly terrified of being admitted to hospital and therre is no confidence at all in out of hours or emergency services.




















Why is this idea important?

Because the NHS has lost sight of the fact that it is about treating human beings and not managing statistics.

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