Why waste more money to stop a law that has cost money and time in the first place? So in the end we have paid millions to go round in a circle and be back 2 square 1, and this is happening x100s. I suggested that Religious Education should be replaced with education on sexual abuse so that a child knows what to do. Mostchildren being abused still go to school and that way most children will be told rather than the people at home that are telling them that it is normal. Anyway I understand why it doesnt make sense for the site but it got a 2.2 rating when the highest scores are for tax havens and easier this and that-yeah you would want that idiots. You know that tax is the countrys income and we wouldnt have the NHS or education if we didnt put a little of our income and share it into billions. I know Im right because Im realistic so I dont know how many ideas are going to be used, and if any, then I regtret the way I voted and wanted it to turn out.

Why is this idea important?

Doesnt seem to be…..

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