I would like to see a far broader availability – or at least exposure – of sports and recreational activities in schools. Currentl the majority of schools offer football, tennis and other very mainstream sports. However many people do not enjoy these or ould enjoy something entirely different.

Schools could look into the local community and see what sports clubs are available locally and bring in these outside coaches (fully vetted as per any adult with child contact) for either trial sessions (essentially giving free/cheap advertising to these clubs to schools – strengthening local small time private business) as well as exposing the youth of the nation to a wider variety of things to do.

Maybe it could be something as simple as a one off sports fair from local clubs held at the schools in the areas (once per school, per year) with each club offering a free trial period/lesson in return for the free advertising.

Why is this idea important?

We want to deal with health issues as well as lack of things to do for young people to do. Encouraging active life styles and engagement with society is a good way of going about this, however many people don't enjoy the mainstream activities and would rather enjoy something off the beaten track.

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