The 1993 Welsh Language Act, and subsequent additions, have placed an onerous burden on Welsh society, Business  and Local Government.  After 17 years of this Act the inescapable truth is that it has failed completely. Not only has it not improved the use of the Welsh language but has damaged the business prospects of Wales and has caused division within society in Wales. 

Language use surveys show that use of Welsh continues to drift downwards.  Heartland areas of the Welsh Language continue to disintegrate.

The BBC Wales Programme, Week In – Week Out, on 26/03/2010 revealed these figures.

Number of communities where Welsh speakers are fewer than 75% (an arbitrary but conservative figure for loss of language use) have dropped over 30 years :-

1981  151

1991   53

2001   41

2011   28  predicted – based on evidence

2021   16 estimated

Language use surveys show numbers claiming fluency in Welsh is down to 12%

Number of households with young people resident and using Welsh language is a mere 3%.

What clearer evidence is needed that this is a failed Act and should be repealed.






Why is this idea important?

This Act is a failed and unnecessary burden on the Welsh Nation.  

It is hugely expensive with ongoing costs.  

It contributes to a huge waste of paper, all government paper work is duplicated (for example all car tax reminder are printed in both languages).  This in an age when green issues are increasingly important.

It introduces delays into administration in business and local government as translation has to be applied and paid for.

All road signs and road markings have be in both languages, a huge and ongoing cost.

An army of administrators and advisors are employed to apply this law.

The Welsh Language Board gets a grant on £13.5 million a year.

It deters businesses from investing or locating in Wales.

This Act, together with the Broadcasting Act 1981, which set up the Welsh Language TV broadcaster S4C, have cost the Welsh economy many Billions of pounds. The exact number is impossible to evaluate, but will probably somewhere in the region of £4 Billion  to £10 Billion.  

In spite of all this expenditure it is clear that the vast and overwhelming majority of the people of Wales are not interested in the old language.

Wales has far more pressing problems than the Welsh Language.

A recent article showed that South Wales is now poorer than Slovenia.

It is time to admit that this Act has failed and to relieve the Welsh nation of its burden.



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