People living very close to wind turbines to be given reduced price electricity. Up to certain distance further away this would apply from planning period.

Power companies not  to force the switching-off of turbines (in cases of overloading the network).  Stoppage negates the costs of planning, building and erecting the turbines, and is wasteful.(see Daily Mail, June 21, 2010 "Wind farm owners get fee to switch off".  

The surplus additional power must somehow be diverted, stored, and eventually used for useful projects and purposes, such as to power new local rail lines (such as re-opened rural lines, freight lines and E/W routes in East Anglia and elsewhere).

Power companies should have less overall control of such matters.  Householders, businesses (or future ones), and councils to have a big say about this.  Groups of people could also set up with planning permission their own suitably sited turbines to provide power for current and future purposes..

Very close living objectors to wind turbines must remember they could be gaining cheaper electricity for themselves firstly. 

In scenic areas, electriclty companies must promise to power firstly at reduced rates local people, and also fund/ power any locally proposed  new rail lines, community projects and favoured agreed businesses in the nearest  industrial area.


Why is this idea important?

Why erect wind turbines and not make use of them properly?

The situation regarding wind turbines and other "green" power generation methods is not logically organised.  There are too few subsidies also for such things as solar panels.  Too much control is given to huge companies.

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