The taxpayer subsidy of agriculture in the UK (part of CAP) costs a fortune and is largely pointless. The single farm payment is all that keeps many farmers afloat and the agricultural sector a a whole just about breaks even overall. Why continue to make farmers public servants when producing agricultural commodities is much cheaper in other countries?

The farmer subsidy is a form of protectionism, allowing our inefficient farmers to compete with countries with an absolute and comparative advantage in agriucultural produce production. This is damaging to the UK taxpayer (subsidy payment), the UK consumer (higher prices, less benefit of trade), and third world farmers with a comparative advantage over the UK in agriculture (inability to trade their way out of poverty thanks to our subsidies).

It is disgusting that a conservative/liberal government has no plan to withdraw from this most vulgar, damaging and costly form of protectionism.

Why is this idea important?

We need to save money. CAP costs us a fortune. Time to stop farming unviable land, allow prices to fall, and use it for something more profitable.

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