We should get out of the EU asap, after a referendum if necessary.

Membership costs a fortune, and we get very little in return, just a lot of silly regulations dreamed up by unelected bureaucrats with nothing better to do.

If we were not in the EU the money saved could be used to considerably help to pay off our deficit.  Or to be used to help our own people.

Why is this idea important?

Membership of the EU restricts us in so many ways – most of our laws are made in Brussels by unelected bureaucrats, we have no control over our own destiny

Why should we be governed by nobodies in other countries who have nothing in common with us, and have no interest in our affairs other than to make us fit in with their ideas. One-size does NOT fit all.

I can't understand why our politicians want to do away with their own power! Why do we vote for our so-called representatives when they don't really represent us.

We want our own destiny, we want control of our own lives.

What did our fathers and grandfathers fight for if not for freedom, freedom which is denied us by our membership of the EU

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