With the massive budget deficit left us by the last labour government, withdrawal from Europe will save the UK taxpayer many billions of wasted money per annum. For those who say who would we trade with I would say 'how does Switzerland manage to cope'. People forget that Europe depends as much, if not more, on the UK as an import market as we do Europe as an export market. Does the UK and Europe not trade with other non  EU countries?

If withdrawal is not an option, why does our Government not say to the EU that we will withold all future contributions until such time as an independent auditor signs off the EU accounts, something that has not been done for years due to the gross waste, mismanagement of EU funds and fraud.

Why is this idea important?

Because this country is in one huge financial mess. If it were a private company the 'directors' ie the Government, would be hauled before the courts and prosecuted for trading insolvently.

2 years suspended EU payments would go a very long way to clearing the budget deficit.

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