Withdraw from extradition treaties with the USA. Current arrangements are demonstrably and grossly biased in favour of the US. The treatment of the 'NatWest Three' underlines the point. UK citizens should always be fairly treated. 

Withdraw from the EU arrest warrant scheme until such time as proper arrangements have been put in place to ensure that British citizens are not at risk of being arrested abroad as a consequence of mistaken identity, and we are satisfied that there is no risk of miscarriages of justice in respect of those who may be arrested under these warrants.


Why is this idea important?

Civil liberties.

No one should be extradited to the another country unless we are satisfied that there is a case against them which would stand up in a comparable UK court if the situations were reversed. There should also be genuine equality of treatment for both parties to any extradition treaty.

There should be no risk whatsoever of mistaken identity leading to an arrest under any scheme. The case of a man imprisoned on arrival in Spain for an offence committed in Germany using a passport stolen many years earlier underlines the risk posed by current inneficiencies in the EU system.

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