Work permits

 Whilst there have been calls from big business to allow immigration and the granting of work permits in the past it appears that the granting of work permits have been due to hiring lower cost workers rather than more productive ones.

 Experience in the IT industry indicates that those who have gained work permits have often done so under false pretences, especially with regards to bogus qualifications which appear to be available for a small fee in some parts of the world.

 Therefore I find it to be a gross injustice that foreign workers can keep EU nationals out of a job when unemployment is high and our education has been paid for by the taxpayer.

 My solution to the tens of thousands of economic migrants would be to publish the qualifications required for their posts, i.e. the qualifications they hold which no EU applicant was able to match under the terms of their wp, such that jobseekers can better themselves to 'shoot' for the position which is covered by the work permit.  

 This would clearly give a huge incentive to jobseekers. They would be able to see a clear advantage to gaining certain skills in order to fill posts currently held by wp holders.  It would also prevent businesses from retaining wp staff, and is sadly often the case replacing domestic staff with wp applicants, purely due to their lower wage demands.

Why does this idea matter?

 In the first part this is important to reduce unemployment, incentivise jobhunting and reduce skill fade in those who are out of a job. Showing a job hunter that upgrading or increasing their skills in a few areas would open up several positions currently held by migrants would give a clear incentive.

 It would also show that those who hold work permits are genuinely needed in their industries, which is certainly not the case at present. 

 It will result in lower welfare bills, higher tax receipts and better prospects for skilled workers in all fields. Economic migrants will have to be genuinely needed in their industry, and therefore essential to our economy, in order to survive in their posts. Youngsters and jobseekers would even be able to plan their educations in order to shoot for positions in their geographic region if they know which skills industries are particularly short of, and therefore looking for.

 It would also bring into question the positions of those who compulsively hire wp seekers and immigrants.

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