Unemployment can be very depressing especially when there is a large decline in job vacancies. It must be time that unemployment benefit should only be given to those who work for their communites otherwise you don't receive anything.

Why is this idea important?

To bring back the sense of pride and respect back into the community. There are many jobs that can be done and certainly would be so much easier to manage if we brought the three million unemployed out of depression and into work. Our towns and cities would flourish again and people from all sides would benefit.

One Reply to “Workfare”

  1. Stupid idea. This will undermine the minimum wage and destroy proper paid jobs. And what is less depressing than being forced to work unpaid for the “community” in all weathers, picking litter or cleaning graffiit? We need a proper unemployment programme that offers proper re-training and education for the long term unemployed, not demeanig and insulting community service schemes that are already used on convicted criminals.

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