id like to suggest that the recent directive from the EU regards the 48 hour working time rule for the self employed be revocked/amended to allow small businesses to grow

Why is this idea important?

i recently started my own business and i am starting to wonder why i bothered,i took over a one lorry operation 3 months ago and average about 70 hours a week dedicated to running it and making sure all the hoops are jumped through,this new directive will make it impossible to run any small business successfully,i can just about afford to pay a part time driver and i was hoping to expaned over the coming 12 months,this 48 hour rule has put a complete stop to any plans i had of expanding,i know alot of self employed people and their in the same position as me and thinking the same as me,why bother trying to build a business just to be knocked back by even more red tape,ie the working time directive for the self employed.please see sence and make excemptions so the owners can put the time in needed to make a business grow and not be stiffled by this obserd new law.

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