Remove the law that allows Yellow Lines to be painted on roads. Other laws – such as 'Causing an obstruction' – were perfectly satisfactory.

Yellow lines are usually applied by well-meaning (but otherwise often ill-informed) local councils on just about every road within their jurisdiction. The result is, with no parking allowed almost anywhere, every other square foot of horzontal space has a price tag. Unscrupulous landowners and wheel-clamping companies are then able to make small fortunes from innocent motorists who have no option but to pay exorbitant parking charges or risk the threat of clamping.

Often, lines are applied in otherwise picturesque towns and villages where they are totally unnecessary. This defaces the roads and spoils the look of most rural towns and villages.

I left England for France partly because I could not park outside my own house. The town had been by-passed six years earlier when no yellow lines existed. Following the opening of the by-pass, my road (which had been the main road from Cornwall and Plymouth to the rest of the world) was vandalised with double yellow lines along both sides for its full length despite there no longer being any traffic.

Except in the centres of the larger towns and cities, no such parking restrictions (and no clamping) exist in France and there are no problems. Britain could learn a lot from studying parking fcailities in rural France.

Why is this idea important?

It gives back the beauty of rural towns villages, it eliminates extortion by car park owners and wheel clamping companies and it improves the quality of life of the many hundreds of thousands of people who live in pre WW2 houses that have no garage of driveway. Vehicle drivers are not stupid and do not deserve to be treated as such.

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