Give the Police the powers to charge motorists for parking on double yellow lines,


Our street is a nightmare, people parking in the turning circle and on double yellow lines right at top of street. this causes major problems because motorists have to illegaly reverse on to a busy main road, risk an accident and risk prosecution, Further to this My partner is blind, and the guide dog has to take her on to the busy main road in order to cross the road, my partner is housebound now as a result, traffic wardens only work till 5pm mon to fri and cannot or will not do anything  and if I call the police they say we cannot do anything as it is a job for traffic wardens. PLEASE give the police the power to fine tow or clamp offending cars and allow a boind person the right to enjoy her community in safety. this is in breach of her human rights otherwise

Why is this idea important?

It is important for peoples health and safety, In the prevention of accidents and possible fatality. after all we all have a right to go about our lawful business in a safe and timely manner it is our human rights to be safe in our community and whether or not one is blind, makes no difference. and this kind of power for police would help remove this problem and keep other motorists safe, keep opur vulnerable people such as blind, kids , wheelchair users and other vulnerable groups safe in their community

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