You must seek asylum in the first safe country you come to.

Lets implement this law.

It is a European law that was set up to prevent the problems that this fine country has had with imagration.

Think about how much money this country would save if we implemented this law.

The law was set up to stop the camps in calais where illegal immagrints gather to run through into our country.


Because the last time i checked France was a safe country.

Infact to get to the UK through Europe these people have to travel thousands of miles through europe to soft touch britain as we are affectionatly known throughout the world.

The french dont have a massive problem with immagration, neither do the germans the dutch, the reason being soft touch britain will look after these people better than any other country in europe.

I am all for genuine illegal immigrints who are fleeing pursecusion to be allowed to stay in the UK. As long as we are the first safe country they come to.

So what i am proposing is simple. STICK TO THE LAW. If you traveled here through Europe then you are more interested in getting to Britain than fleeing pursecusion as the french DO NOT pursecute anyone.

So if they come through our airports and they can prove this let them stay if they are genuine. If not dont.

This will save this country an absolute fortune and give some extra money to the good people of this country who pay their taxes all their lives and get treated like second class citizens behind ungenuine asylum seekers who only want Britain not just to stay alive.

Why is this idea important?

Because it will save this country BILLIONS

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