Like many people, i am tired of young drivers turning my local roads into a race track every night, taring around in their modified ford fiesta's, and driving behind me agreessively when i obey the speed limits. When i have reported individuals to the police no action has been taken.


Whilst i am doing my best to price these children off the roads entirely, as i work in the insurance industry, why can't these modifications be restricted to prevent cars being turned into status symbols, especially by the underclass from the local council estate.


How is it that these people can afford to buy and run a car, and make expensive modifications to it, whilst their only income is from state benefit?

Why is this idea important?

People are being killed by these maniacs, and my elderly parents are feared of driving at night because they are being run off the road all the time. People are also having to take the law into their own hands to remove these cars from the road as the police are impotent or incompetent, i can't figure which!

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