Repealing unnecessary laws

The UK public have submitted 5119 law change ideas relating to Repealing unnecessary laws.

All Repealing unnecessary laws ideas

Law Change IdeaAuthorComments
Amnesty for illegal Immigrantstweltie108 Comments
Seagull cullingsgriffin93 Comments
Allow Grade II listed properties to have slim double glazingPatricia Haywood76 Comments
Allow Illegitimate Children Citizenship Through Their British Fatherstsprague55 Comments
Beware of the dog sign lawsjacdore54 Comments
Over the Counter Painkillersdomino53 Comments
Reducing metal thefts by new rules for scrap yardscknipeuk47 Comments
Bikes should be registered and cyclists taxed and insuredPatricia Haywood44 Comments
Cancel the FM switch off completelyPatricia Haywood40 Comments
Revoke the 10mph speed limit on Lake WindermereNikTheGeek34 Comments
Noise polluting reversing alarms on heavy goods vehiclesTimDE26 Comments
Everyone should pass the same HGV test to get Licence to drive on UK roads.Disillusioned126 Comments
Enhanced CRB Checks (Unproven malicious allegations)Smithy9826 Comments
Remove the ambiguity re bank holiday use of bus lanesbookmarklee22 Comments
Pension equality for ex-service veteransagedcitizen22 Comments
Classic Car VED Exemptionoldgifford21 Comments
Revert fully back to the Imperial System of MeasurementsAnimal72019 Comments
Abolish Welsh Assembly Governmentsaelegirl17 Comments
Use of agricultural land for 14 days a year for Motorcross Trackrknight16 Comments
Replace the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) and Forfeituresarah15 Comments
Withdraw the Victim Surchargejustapublicservant15 Comments
Abolish the ban on recording court proceedingsALISTAIRKELMAN14 Comments
Replace Job Seekers Allowance from cash to voucher systemkevintaylor214 Comments
Bring back the Death Sentencemommytotwo14 Comments
Planning restrictions on Grade II listed properties & climate changeDruidnews13 Comments
abolish ipp sentencesrlister12 Comments
Repeal the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002LibDemActGrouphumanrights11 Comments
Repeal the ban on TAC airguns (ie: Brocock)Radium9 Comments
Grade II listed buildings to be re-graded as ‘Grade III’StanleyMackintosh9 Comments
Allow cycling on pavementstheLaw8 Comments
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