On July 1st 2010 the UK Government asked the public for their ideas to reduce pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy.

The Your Freedom website gave the public the chance to tell the government which laws and regulations they thought should be abolished. The project was a ‘success’; tens of thousands of ideas were submitted and countless discussions around the ideas were had.

Then suddenly, and unexpectedly, the Your Freedom website closed.

In response to this GovYou was launched to,

  • keep the original ideas in the public eye
  • encourage more public discussion on these ideas
  • to gather new ideas from the public
  • remind Government to listen to the ideas they originally asked for
  • to allow everyone to send a big “Gov You” to the UK Government

This website is not in anyway affiliated with the yougov.co.uk website.

One Reply to “About Us”

  1. I am putting my opinion forward as a former Police Officer concerning the lack of enforcement regarding the use of illegal modification of Exhaust Systems in ordinary Cars such as Ford Fiestas and mini’s.
    I live in an area which was very very quiet and now it is almost unbearable due to individuals who choose to ‘Modify’ their exhaust system on their vehicle and thereby make their actions anti social. In my experience such individuals are both selfish and uncontrollable.
    If the Government were serious about addressing this issue a meaningful fine of £1000 should be imposed instead of a laughable £50 fine which is a joke. A considerable number of these cars should be seized and put in the crusher as it would be the only way that inroads could be made and attitudes changed.
    As is usual the Government will only bring in new laws that are Politically advantageous to them.

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