Cutting business and charity regulations

The UK public have submitted 2427 law change ideas relating to Cutting business and charity regulations.

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Law Change IdeaAuthorComments
Part P of the building regulations scrapped!garyl84 Comments
Drop The Driver CPCpaulhadley55 Comments
No IVA/SVA for kit carsfortyniner16 Comments
‘Phone number withheld’ legislationPChapman15 Comments
Let EYPs teach in nursery and reception classesLuisa2714 Comments
Clarification of Planning Classes with regards to C3(b) and C2DeborahC13 Comments
Scrapping the CPC for drivers- immediately.Vern12 Comments
Abolish the CSCS and SIAeggcatcher9 Comments
Abolish business ratesAdamJacobs8 Comments
Cats need to be controlledPitchfork8 Comments
Ban chuggersPatricia Haywood7 Comments
Remove restrictions on ‘undertaking’ on motorwaysTonyWood7 Comments
Remove the Hazard Perception Test element of driver training.springnuts6 Comments
Remove Holiday Home Restrictionsmillervilla6 Comments
Collect TV licence with council tax to reduce collection costsianmurray56 Comments
Abolish the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Quangogwrz12005 Comments
Scrap the renewable energy MCS registration schemepaulb4875 Comments
Stop abuse of mobility allowanceKergudon5 Comments
Abolish QTS skills tests for university graduatesnickjenkins5 Comments
Extend VAT relief to the repair and maintenance of listed buildingsAGRATER4 Comments
Abolish the stock exchangePatricia Haywood4 Comments
Scrap Part P Accreditation Bodiesedgar4 Comments
Make tinted motorcycle helmet visors legaltomburns4 Comments
Allowing low impact development on agricultural landdannyb3 Comments
Abolish Car Tax and put on Fuelandyr3 Comments
Scrap Part P of the Building Regulationsgarywake3 Comments
Abolish the Architects Registration Boardtownie3 Comments
Free Water Butts for every homeDACargill3 Comments
Abolish either CQC or the General Dental Councilduckso3 Comments
Review the ORCON target for ambulance servicessalience3 Comments
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