Scrap The Driver CPC it is a  EU Directive number: 2003/59 It is an on going training cause for lorry and coach drivers. When I say on going, as a professional lorry driver for some fifteen years I will now have to sit in a classroom for five days every five years or one day every year on going to keep my lorry licence. This will cost me approx £100.00 per day and as a self employed person that's £100 to the training people and nothing to me. The training includes fuel consumption, as I said I am self employed I no how important this is. Tachograph laws…I already no all the laws. How to strap a load…come on. And much more useless teaching a granny to suck eggs rubbish. Yes I know all the arguments about usless forein drivers but this CPC wont deal with that problem.

Why is this idea important?

This will cost me and thousands of other drivers like me valuable time and money. Without drivers your stuff doesn’t get delivered.

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  1. I’m all for dropping it!
    Why the hell should I, having shelled out nearly a couple of grand to get the license in the first place have to pay to go to work???
    The job isn’t even worth doing these days, with exceptionally long hours that destroy your social life (and probably your health), low pay, VOSA (and every other driving related mistake that you can get fined and points on your own license for) making you a nervous wreck!! And just to add insult to injury, we are all looked on as ‘thick’ and the lowest members of society.

    My answer to it is simple, and most British truckers should follow…..
    Don’t bother doing it! When the day comes that you have to have it, loose your job and join the rest on the dole (you’ll probably be better off, and not know what to do with your time!!).
    I’ll probably be invoicing (not that it will get me anywhere, but will make me feel better) 10 Downing Street for the initial cost of getting my license, as they have stopped me from using it.
    The government will soon be eating humble-pie when they need to keep us, and nothing is getting delivered (unless it is part of the great scheme to get even more foreigners into the UK to do our jobs for less!)

    1. hi rob, i am working on agency now forced to be on self employed payroll system. i cannot afford to do this idiotic cpc even if i wanted to. it is an insult to a exprience drivers intelligence. i will be going to the job centre in september and signing on with the rest of them might be better off cheers . Ian Hewitt .

    2. I totally agree, I was two minutes late for my second break and i get reported and get sent a threatening letter from my employers.

      Two minutes!!! what other job do you get that for if you’re late for lunch?

      Come Sept 9th I’ll be doing something else some other suckers can drive trucks.

    3. mate i have done exactly that but had a bad back so im now on disability benefit serves them write i drove allsorts of wagons for 23 yrs i refuse to pay for a job i was good at

    4. rob i drove tippers & skip wagons for 20 0dd years refused to do dcpc so i ” retired

      rob i drove tippers & skip wagons for 20 odd years i refused to do dcpc so i ” retired ” at 46 im now claiming sick benefit for a bad back so fuck you govt ? dcpc is just money for the govt

      1. Good on you wast of time and money I have a PSV driving licence but not use it for 2 years because of the cost this that everything I decided to drive a taxi laws lot more relaxed not chasing the clock .

  2. Scrap it now we don’t need do to a silly course that ends up costing us money. If we leave the EU it will all be in vain anyway!

  3. yet another money making scam by the government(as if it wasnt hard enough to make a living) god who’d be a trucker how stupid am i!!!


  5. i wont be doing it….am self employed driver….and am going to job centre in september and tell them i am un employed as from now,am looking and available for work as a trained and experienced class one truck driver and i am not able to do anything else and see what they come up with,of course they will prob ask if i have drivers card in which case i will reply no i cant afford to obtain it but i am licenced to drive any truck.

  6. martin says this is total crap im not paying out anymore money hgv is shit money yet this goverment want me to now sit in a classroom for 35 hrs every 5 years then pay for my medical 5 years then digi tacho card its insain so next september ill be going down the job centre to

    1. I am all in favor of scrapping it, this is just another stealth tax for the government.” ludicrous” They will come running cap in hand when we all go on the dole !! Who will deliver the goods then ?

  7. trouble is most of the drivers will comply cause they aint got no backbone but if everyone said no who the hell will drive the trucks and the buses just wish they had the guts to say no

    1. no sorry didnt mean drivers had no backbone i just mean they will just go along with it but why not say no

  8. Waste of time and money just another money making scheme I’ve done my cpc but on dsa website it’s saying I ain’t done no training

  9. After 35 years experience driving PCV I can attend a course for HGV Driver CPC and then carry on driving coaches!?. I know you can attend the Novadata CPC course for tachograpgh training say on a Mon and then repeat the EXACT same 7 hour course for the rest of the week to complete the 35 hours training!! So that’s 2 reasons proving this is just a scam. I feel sorry in advance for some of the CPC Trainers running the CPC courses that may have only had a couple of years driving experience on PCV of HGV having to face a room full of guys that don’t want to be there, but are forced to be there and have 40 to 50 years driving experience ahead of the trainer!!

  10. For us drivers this is the last load we can take everyone must say no to this cpc shit if u hold a hgv licence on the first day of sep 2014 deadlines we need to stand together for mass refuse to work just even for a day and make em realise they r fucked with out us . We r just being totally pissed on not worth it low pay for long hours no overtime rates or anything u know the rest lads

  11. The government won’t care in the slightest, they’ll get someone to drive for them, most people are trapped by high rents and mortgages etc and they know it.

    A day of driving used to be a normal 8 hour day now its 10 or more for the same crap pay.

    So long! I’ll be shredding my digi taco 9th sept and won’t shed a tear never to drive a truck again.

  12. Why did I take my CPD International and my CPC National only to be told I’ve got to sit this micky mouse idiot CPC?

  13. with u boys did one day what a scam see u down job centre and hopefully commonsense may prevail my insurance can pay my mortgage when I get made redundant

  14. Mission
    To Scrap The Driver CPC

    The CPC is an EU Directive number: 2003/59 It is an on going training cause for lorry and coach drivers. When I say on going, as a professional lorry driver he/she will now have to sit in a classroom for five days every five years or one day every year on going to keep there licence.This patronising and pointless exercise is testament to the fact that we have become a nanny state. Government departments are businesses and this is just another cynical ploy to create non-jobs and generate money. This is another sell out to Europe.

    Drivers pay to pass HGV/LGV tests and become professional drivers and employers should then train employees in any related activities as required eg Tacho rules health and safety WTD . We DO NOT NEED and SHOULD NOT HAVE this ridiculous CPC.

    Scrap The Driver CPC !

  15. After 25 years driving I’ve just endured many hours with some ex partly experienced driver,trying to teach me how to do my job,this is the most tedious pointless crap I have ever had to .I earn fair wage but many don’t and resources should be put into getting rid of the agencies that are price fixing driver rates between firms and the profits returned to driver wages.Then perhaps ,after working long unsociable hours,treated like a lump of poo everywhere you go,being the only one at fault when something goes wrong,total lack of respect by other road users,being interrogated by graduates that no everything about nothing at the end of the shift,sleeper cabs with no headroom,double manning night outs(disgusting in something as small as truck cab),MSAs etc etc then perhaps concentrating on driving would be a little easier and a bit safer!

    1. Anthony here I passed my test in 2011 for class one and left for Canada
      Unfortunately came back and I can’t drive because I passed after 2009 wtf
      So now I need to do cpc theory test case studies and part four not one of us should have to be treated in this manner.
      I can’t understand why I’m having to do this just a short time after doing my test it cost me 1500 pound for my license so I’m applying to the government to refund as it’s their measures stopping using it dirty little scumbags.

  16. I don’t need another piece of plastic in my wallet to make me a professional but what I do need is us to get rid of this pile of shit they call the driver cpc. This anise violation on workers rights it is also an attack on Democracy. Our forefathers bought our Democracy with their blood, therefore out of respect we should stand together because there’s more at risk to our country than just the driver cpc

  17. I have been driving class 1s for 12 years now, and I am never doing drivers CPC.
    Its like telling the whole of the EU they have to take a week off work and pay £500 for a course on health and safety on how to use a kettle.
    Its a complete scam!!!!!!
    DSA & VOSA are private companies
    And are nothing to do with government. They are just idiot pen pushers trying to make money out of nothing. And more fool you guys who done this already.

    I can’t wait till the whole of the UK comes to a standstill in 2 months when there is no food in the supermarkets and no fuel in the petrol stations because there is too many drivers without the CPC.

  18. Did my HGV in the Police when I retired I decided to do a few days part time driving. God I now realise what its like for HGV drivers. When I was in the Police as most of the Boys in Blue truckers were the lowest of the low and simply waiting for a ticket to get your stats up. Now I realise it is a difficult tricky job where no matter what happens its the truckers fault whether you are late early, need the toilet or anything.

    Now they introduce the CPC which is the biggest load of crap I have ever experienced, any trucker who does 10 years should be getting a bloody medal not fined £ 300-400 quid or 70 hours work for this stupid course. If only we were in France those boys over there would just shut the bloody country down until it was lifted got rid of.

  19. By the way on my most recent course we had 3 Spanish drivers and 4 Portuguese drivers none of them could speak a word on english. They still passed by virtue of sitting there for 7 hours.

    And to add insult to injury they were getting their course free paid for by some unemployment fund to assist them to get employment

  20. I’ve just completed my cpc and found it a complete waste of time, I hold a class 1 which I worked bloody hard for back in the 70s, I’ve got an international CPC which I’ve held for many years , I hauled police escorted loads wide loads high loads, you name it I’ve probably hauled it, now I am having to do this crap which is teaching me nothing, I feel so sorry for the hgv drivers of today, I for one can’t wait to get out of this industry for good !..


  21. The CPC is just a scam I’m not doing it and when and if I end up in court my argument will be I cannot afford to lose £s to take a CPC for a job that I have done safefully for years. What’s the betting that foreigners will get away with it and any bet’s that foreign trucks driven by drivers without CPC will be allowed. I have already heard that french truckers intend to blockade ports if they are not allowed to drive in other countries if they have no CPC. All drivers here should complain to local MP or send a petition to Downing Street, not that they will listen as there on plenty of money for doing exactly nothing.

    1. This is another reason why we should be OUT of the EU. I have held my Licences since 1984 so I don’t need to be told what to do or how to do it. I’m sick of the Bureaucratic arseholes in Brussels telling us what to do and how to do it. Why doesn’t the Government grow some bollocks and tell them to piss off, they govern this country NOT some twat abroad! If someone where to initiate a petition, I’m sure they would have the backing and following of nearly every truck/bus driver in this country. Imagine how many signatures they would get!

  22. It’s a f***ing disgrace of a course. To be told you can sit Thame module five times just goes to show what a scam this is. I’m fortunate in the fact my company pays me to attend but it was still insulting to listen how to be told to CLIMB IN AND OUT OF A CAB! We just took the piss out of it for the last three hours today by getting everything wrong and just fucking about

  23. I was told by my employer they would cover the cost of a cpc only to be replaced by a cpc holder and now I’m signing on, 6 years I worked for that to##er and 24 years driving with no chance of getting back in a truck thanks to the government .

    1. thats exactly how i feel i loved going to work everyday and i feel the govt made me give up driving i will not demean myself and do dcpc

  24. the cpc is illegal and the gov know it it came in the back door that’s what iv been told the sooner it scrapped the better I cant get a job cause of the scam cpc you watch the same module 5 times the driver should go slow on motorway every were to let the gov know where we stand they will crap it with a election round the corner the gov is corrupt I want out this fucking eu all are unelected dickheads roll on the election I wont be voting foe any of the 3 main parties no way time to get rid of the oxford boys

  25. I cant get a job cause of dcpc training mine ran out in September 2014 so all the money I spent on my licences I want my money back of the government now

  26. The driver cpc is a complete scam after 25 years of a class 1 licence i now have to have a piece of paper to say i know how to do my job.So i now have to pay an average of 95 to 100 pounds every year to keep my job.All this for a job that now pays £9 to£9.50 an hr no overtime rate no night,bank holiday rate. 25 years ago you had all that when I started a job for life my left nut.I am now a none practising HGV driver. When are the bureau crafts going to wake up smell what there shoveling. If the large haulage companies had any balls they could have stopped the EU rubbish. Any of you still driving don’t forget how to get in out of your cab and yes the one module I did went on about that.Cheers Jules

  27. I don’t understand why ensuring you’re up to date with the law every five years is a bad thing. You guys do a brilliant job, I’m really not knocking you … I drive enough motorway miles to appreciate the ‘knights of the road’ I see every day.

    Perhaps a reduction to one day to cover the essential for existing drivers would be sufficient?

  28. Don’t they have a CPC Module that would teach you how to spell? At least that would serve a purpose!

  29. In other transport industries such as the railway and air transport drivers/pilots are constantly assessed. They have annual tests to check their knowledge of rules and procedures and to make sure they are up to date on any changes. Alongside that they are constantly monitored using “Black Box” equipment. If freight train drivers pulling 2000 tons everyday was saying have the stuff you lot were saying their feet wouldn’t touch the floor as they were booted out the exit. You have a responsibility. You are driving the heaviest vehicles on our roads. You should be tested annually not 5 yearly. All I can see on here is obnoxiousness about “experience” and “I can’t be taught anything.”

    Well that’s how mistakes are made. You even say that it’s “usless forein drivers” that are the problem. That is dangerous. You obviously think you are incapable of being taught anything. you know it all already. Well laws change, and stuff like this helps you keep up with it.

    I don’t think this should be scrapped, it is needed as you are hauling heavy loads around. But I don’t think you should have to pay for it. It should come out of the budget for the DfT

    1. Mate read my comment at the bottom you can do the same course 5 times on something like first aid an that qualifies you to drive a truck if they made us do a real refresher every year that could help us improve our skill then thats fine but this is driver tax nothing else your obviously not a driver otherwise youd be up for scrapping it

  30. Been driving hgvs class 1 since i was 21 years old.. now at the age of 42 i refused to carry on driving hgs because i will not pay for cpc corse just to do a job iv done for many years.. the government will realise they have pussed us drivers to far when the country grinds to a halt due to driver shortage… i have been asked many times to take my cpc and work for different companies.. i just refuse.. at some point there wil be no hgv drivers.. then how will the country run .. if you got it , t came by truck…!!!!

  31. Hi
    I have been a professional HGV driver for 28 years and have been around lorries all my life, I am one of many who refuse to pay and sit in a classroom and be told things that I already know.
    If whoever came up with this dumb idea for professional drivers to have to spend out more money to sit and listen for hours just to keep their HGV, it should be them to pay for it. Fare enough all new drivers can be made to do it but not us drivers that have been doing half or all of our lives.
    There should of been some sort of exemption put in place for existing drivers

  32. We should ALL follow the cpc and all driving laws to the letter, Then everything will be late or un-delivered
    What will happen then.

    1. That’s probably a hyperbole but I see your point!

      It’s a bit like forklift training. You’re only allowed to operate ONE hydraulic lever at a time!

      Grandma. Eggs. Suck. Spring to mind.

  33. Scrap CPC & WTD,
    I’ll try to write without swearing. erm… I am really really angry about CPC. I..feel like I am about to be mugged by some European Thug. … How Awfull! Golly. No more driving for me 12 years of hard work and experience gone, and has been gone since 2012. Never been happier, especially after reading this page. Well said 90 percent of you. God bless you.

  34. I am 47 years old i hold a class one license a cpc national and international been driving commercialy since 18 and had to do a full week drver cpc drver training what an insult and a con darren bouchier glossop derbyshire a mugs game

  35. I must say I think CPC is a good thing. When I’m sat in the classroom I see a lot of drivers with gaps in their knowledge that could cause them to get in trouble with the DVSA and the police and even worse appalling attitudes that could end up hurting someone.
    I keep an open mind when I do these courses and must say I have always managed to learn something new so how can that be bad ?
    Yes it costs us money and time to do but we can put it against our books and as a self employed driver I do struggle to understand how these other driver seam to be near the povity line!
    So as a professional I have no problem with anything that improves my practice and potentially saves me from infringements. So in the up coming years as we leave Europe we will need driver CPC even more to educate us about any changes

  36. agree it is a waste of time and completely useless, just another way for the government to make money,
    a loophole you can use is you can take the same 5 courses and still get the cpc qualification, i.e you can take a first aid course 5 times, it has to be called by another name and different course elements, or do other courses like moffet/forklift truck mpqc, adr etc most of which have nothing to do with driving

  37. Been driving hgv lorrys now 40 yrs
    the cpc as they call it is a insult, to be told how to drive by a person probably that\\\\\\\’s just come out of nappies and as never driven him self, but oh yes he\\\\\\\’s pass a test. If anyone need\\\\\\\’s to take what Brussels have invented is the car driver.

  38. Hopefully this gets scrapped now we voted out im not paying a fucking penny to drive something I have a licence for.

    The gov are cunts and like construction if your English your fucked over for all kinds of fucking cards that EU people BUY of dodgy bastards to get them into the UK..

    1. With you all the way brother. No more cpc for me whether I have to pay or not . You can’t buy experience. Maybe our MP s should sit a similar thing to see if they are up to the job, but we would just end up paying for that like we always do. No lorry drivers means nothing in the shops. Time to wake up and smell the Diesel or lack of it.
      End Driver CPC now or else.
      Steve Butler, Gloucester.

  39. Buntra has over the last 40 years seen numerous Hauliers and drivers being confronted with problems that could have been resolved or prevented by some simple steps.We at Buntra can probably assist you and save you money.

  40. Stagecoach paid for my cpc which meant just pissing about while the answers were dictated to us verbatim as many of the Polish drivers would of require polish forms. It was boring but there were a couple of fit birds to lark about with & the trainer was a funny fucker ( queer as a duck with 4 legs ).
    BUT TO PAY FOR MY OWN CPC!!! Fuck that!!


  41. The cpc is a joke if it was set out properly then it wouldnt annoy me so much but as it stands you could in essence do all 5 courses a week before your card expires on all the same course which is why its pants i could rock up do 5 courses of first aid an that qualifies me to drive a truck utter garbage its driver tax an the fact its an eu rule makes it worse as the majority of foreign drivers who come to the uk dont have it an have no intention of doing i voiced my concerns with the dvsa via email an i had a short reply from my rant saying its eu legislation so then i asked will it be binned when we leave an ive still no reply weeks later rules from muppets in offices with no odea of the job if you want to keep it go have a bath with a toaster because your a moron

  42. Have retired last year but still do 3 days aweek . Hgv driver. Will not be taking cpc. Just cant sit in a class room to be told how to do my job. Bus and coach licence since 1998. Hgv since 2004. All i can suggest is new passes to sit cpc but not experienced drivers.
    I now have to have medical every year. Plus eye sight test. I will look for a part time van job or stack shelves same money ?. Total cost to me £645.00 Bart.

  43. This is a total force a complete waste of time it is an insult to my intelligence anybody that argues this is in the name of road safety should seriously consider what they are saying if you are good enough to drive a truck or a bus 1 earth would you need to sit in a classroom and discuss driving a coach a bus or a lottery when you do it every day of your life is absolutely disgusting and a total waste of my valuable time and money

  44. Good idea, get rid of it. You have to do 5 days training, there is no test at the end, you can take the same module every day.
    What use is it, it’s just another EU bit of red tape. I am retired but I could step in as a class one driver to help out during the coronavirus but my cpc has expired.

  45. Ditch the CPC. There is nothing like experience, never got that in a classroom. Passed my HGV 1 test in 1993, and now I have to be told how to the job by desk drivers. Help!

  46. I’m retired now but I held a class One HGV license for over 40 years. I also held a CPC National/International, but when I phoned Broad Street Birmingham Licencing to see if I Still needed a Driver CPC, I was told “Yes my CPC National/International acquired 40 something year’s ago was not any use, I Still needed a DRIVER CPC!” This is probably the Main reason for shortage of Drivers. Yes leaving the EU caused Some of shortage but I know Many Very experienced truckers who just packed up, retired early, or just changed to factory etc work. Trying to teach Iyour Granny how to suck eggs comes to mind and

  47. ive been driving 8 wheelers & artics (tippers) allways fully loaded maintaing them since i was 21 ive been every where seen more than most done just about evrything & now at 57 i cant do the job evan though i do them for mot aswell ,i did the cpc under protest the last time its run out & theres not a chance of me sitting in a classroom to be told again by some arselicker again ,this is why now alot of drivers who got on with the job have come out now your stuck with those who just like to talk the talk but can’t walk the walk
    & now there on about bringing foreigners in to drive what a joke its bad enough going to mcdonals with about 20 waiting to take takeaways out for lazy pigs and sainsburys has a full car park of foreigner gypo types intimidating shoppers into getting there cars washed is this what our grandfathers fought for

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