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Restoring civil liberties

The UK public have submitted 5907 law change ideas relating to Restoring civil liberties.

All Restoring civil liberties ideas

Law Change IdeaAuthorComments
Ban loud vehicle exhaust modificationwormstir294 Comments
Remove cautions from CRBfedupofinjustice273 Comments
Stop Forced Adoption of Childrenstephenwicken171 Comments
Police Reprimands should be struck off Enhanced CRB when received as a minordhfreeman115 Comments
Living in a temporary dwelling on your own landpennyb97 Comments
Ban The TV LicenceJoanne45 Comments
Legalize Segways, Go-Peds and other personal electric transportershussein45 Comments
Ban Bonfireskjones39 Comments
End discrimination against the English language in Waleshomerun35 Comments
Laws about Indecent ImagesJimmyP31 Comments
Ban horses from public roads.SpinDonkey26 Comments
Get rid of the BBCeli23 Comments
Stop police closing roads to investigate accidents.tonymlv20 Comments
Footpath closure where footpath goes through home/garden/drive.cgregory19 Comments
Job Seekers Allowance – New Rulesaddy197818 Comments
Cautions and ‘relevant information’ removed from CRB Checksscruples17 Comments
Remove the rules which freeze our state pensions abroad.samara17 Comments
That unemployed people should be allowed to hunt rabbits and such.junican16 Comments
Police cautions to have 4 year expirycatman15 Comments
Get out of Europeautochthony15 Comments
Public Nuditybobby15 Comments
Self Defence: Legalise non lethal offensive weapons.DawnOfJustice15 Comments
Remove cautions from CRB Checksscruples13 Comments
Remove the Parental Responsibilities of a voluntarily absent parentmerlinw13 Comments
Tenant Blacklisttomburkett12 Comments
Mobility Allowancelonely197312 Comments
Restore the old police uniformfelixhardinge12 Comments
Abolish Chancel Tax (Steeple Tax) Liabilityjcollomosse10 Comments
Re-Introduce National Service for youth unemployed.tapsnapper10 Comments
Removal of All SPENT Criminal Records from PNC, etcstevenpruner0110 Comments
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